12 Tips for Building a Powerful Personal Real Estate Brand

tipsIn the new housing landscape, many trends are emerging that real estate professionals should keep in mind. One most important trend entails personal real estate branding. Having a good professional reputation or personal real estate brand seems is a very important asset in today’s online, virtual, and individual age. It is the key to success and the strategy behind the world’s most successful real estate professionals, like Dave Liniger (founder of RE/MAX) and Gary W. Keller (founder of Keller Williams). Remember, most buying decisions are based on trust, confidence and the feeling of connection people have related to a person. It is the trusted relationship that counts. People do business with people they know and like. Creating an emotional bond with customers in your real estate market with a powerful personal real estate brand identity is the perfect way to take your real estate business to the next level, just like Dave Liniger and Gary Keller did.

realtorsRemember, 70% of a realtors’ career success can be attributed to his/her personal branding and presentation skills, versus 30% resulting from his/ her technical real estate knowledge. Therefore, real estate agents and brokers with strong personal branding skills are more likely to attract more clients and sell more than those with just knowledge about Microsoft Office, commission structure, listings, inspection, appraisal, etc. As a real estate professional, you must anticipate on the new housing developments by building a powerful personal real estate brand. It will stimulate meaningful perceptions about the values and qualities that you stand for, it will create expectations in the mind of your customers of what they will get when they work with you, it will get your prospects to see you as the only solution to their real estate problem, and it will put you above the competition and makes you unique and better than your competitors in the marketplace.

Remember also, your brand is not your nice logo and slogan. You are your brand and you are in charge of your brand. You must think of yourself differently and manage and promote yourself like a business. Your personal brand will convey a sense of trust if it is branding-bookauthentic and if it reflects your true character. In my new related book “Authentic Personal Branding for Real Estate Agents; The Ultimate Breakthrough Formula For Standing Out From the Crowd”, I provide an innovative holistic and authentic personal branding model and related tools and techniques, that will help you to unlock your potential and build a trusted authentic personal real estate brand. Based on this book you will create a life as real estate professional that is fulfilling and you will automatically attract the people and real estate opportunities that are a perfect fit for you.

Here are 12 tips for building an authentic personal real estate brand, based on this book (© Rampersad):

Authenticity; you are your brand, always be who you are and live your brand through your actions. It must be built on your true personality and reflect your character, behavior, values, and vision. It should therefore be aligned with your personal mission and values. Also, make sure your marketing collateral reflects who you are, so that you will attract clients who identify with you and your abilities.

Integrity; you must adhere to the moral and behavioral code set down by your personal mission and values.

Consistency; be consistent in your behavior and message and be predictable. People like to know what to expect. Can they always depend and count on you? Are you doing relevant things again, and again, and again? Statistics have shown that people need to see a message multiple times before it really sinks in.

Focus: focus on one area of specialization (your niche market). Be precise, concentrated on a single core talent or unique skill. Being a generalist with no specialized skills, abilities, or talents will not make you unique, special, and different. So, define your brand with a focused niche to connect with customers you aim to influence.

Authority; become a real estate expert. You must be seen as a recognized expert, extremely talented, highly experienced, and perceived as an effective real estate professional. For example, Dave Liniger and Gary W. Keller are seen as an authority in the real estate industry.

Distinctiveness; distinguish yourself based on your brand. It needs to be expressed in a unique way that is different from the competition and needs to add value to your customers. It must be clearly defined that its audience can quickly grasp what it stands for.

Relevant; what you stand for should connect to what your target audience considers to be important.

Emotions; strong brands tap into emotions. Most buying decisions are based on feelings and emotions. Find out how to make an emotional connection with your clients and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Visibility; it must be broadcast repeatedly, continuously, consistently and repeatedly, until it’s embedded in the minds of the audience. It is about repetition and long-term exposure, using a unique selling proposition express in a concise and memorable slogan and with a nice logo, color palette, and design standards that reflect well on your brand. Post a nice picture of yourself on social media and make it your visual signature.

Persistence; your brand needs time to grow. It should be developed organically. You have to stick with it, don’t give up, believe in yourself, and be patient.

Goodwill; people do business with people they like. Your personal brand will produce better results and endure longer if you are perceived in a positive way. You must be associated with a value that is recognized as positive and worthwhile. For example, since 1992, RE/MAX has been the official real estate sponsor of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Performance; if you don’t perform, personal real estate branding will be a sham. Your personal real estate brand should therefore be translated into your personal balanced scorecard.

When you are branded according to these criteria and you commit yourself to act accordingly, your brand will be strong, you will distinguish yourself from the crowd, and your target audience will trust you.


Dr. Hubert Rampersad is a recognized Personal Real Estate Brand Coach. He is the author of the best-selling book “Authentic Personal Branding for Real Estate Agents; The Ultimate Breakthrough Formula For Standing Out From the Crowd” (IUF University Press, 2017).This article is based on this new book. He can be reached at info@iusv.university  and www.realtyamerica.wordpress.com



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