Master class: Authentic Personal Branding for Real Estate Agents







cropped-branding-book1.jpgPraise for this book

” This revolutionary handbook shows the step by step process of how realtors can stand out, differentiate themselves, and set themselves apart from the crowd. It includes killer marketing and sales strategies for anyone looking to be a top performer in the real estate industry. It also shows very clearly and concisely what a real estate professional should do to succeed in life and in business.”. —Dr. Robert Bense, Director Real Estate Management MBA Program at the Innovation University of Florida

“Honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, and credibility are critical components in today’s real estate industry and are the most fundamental character traits of real estate professionals and crucial ingredients in building a successful career in the real estate industry. This great book introduces a unique methodology on how to build this sustainably. It puts you above the competition and makes you unique and better than your competitors in the marketplace. It’s a great step-by-step guide into real estate sales and easy to follow. I love the 4 stages of building an authentic personal real estate brand in a holistic way. If you follow the processes outlined in this revolutionary guide you are sure to have success in the real estate industry. If you are in the real estate business, do yourself a huge favor, pick up this great book and learn from it.”— Dr. John Johansen, Chairman of the Ethics Committee for Real Estate Professionals at the Authentic Governance Institute

If you are in real estate, this is a definite must read. This is one of the few books that I will probably read to over and over again. I felt like Hubert Rampersad was personally coaching me on how to succeed in real estate. I love his personal real estate coaching system to enhance the sales performance and engagement of real estate agents by creating a motivating happy workplace and a learning culture within brokerage teams. This unique book is phenomenal and gives you great tools to grow your business throughout your entire real estate career. This is truly an amazing book that can help you in every area of your life, if you decide to act on what you read. I am more focused, more passionate, more determined, gaining more trust with my clients, attracting more customers, have better relationships with others, better visibility and a stronger position on the Internet.”— Frank Lewis, MBA, Chapter Director Personal Real Estate Branding at the Authentic Personal Brand Coach Federation

This excellent book is really a life changer. I’ve been reading a lot of real estate books and this one is really one of the best, it gives creative and innovative guidelines to manage yourself effectively like a business, attract success, create work-life balance, develop team spirit, use technology & social media effectively and build trust. I definitely recommend it to anyone that works in the real estate industry and want to be extremely successful in this business. This complete guide has given me great insights and innovative strategies to ensure that I will certainly overcome the challenges in the real estate industry. Best investment I have ever made. My life has been changed forever. Excellent and highly recommended for real estate brokers, lenders, and agents. A must read for everyone who like to becoming a successful real estate professional. Worth every penny!” — Vicky William, Co-founder LinkedIn Group “Realty in America


Donald Trump to Hubert: “ALWAYS THINK BIG”

Real Estate Branding

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